Beta test complete!

We wrap up our Beta test with a big THANK YOU!   We look forward to releasing the game this month with your feedback and ideas for improvement!

Sir Hoppity Beta Testing: GAME ON!

Join our Beta play test of Sir Hoppity: Challenge of the Dragon!  

We look forward to your feedback, bug finds, and comments so we can make this fun game solid for release in January!

If you playtest, please help use out by writing a quick comment below when you finish:

  1. Did you like the game?
  2. Was it too easy? Too hard?  Just right?
  3. Are the controls easy to use and the game easy to play?
  4. Did you hit any bugs? If so, please describe what happened, where it happened, etc.

Just click on the image below to start playing!

Click image to play test!

Click image to play test!