8 Year Old Game Designer Releases Challenging Mobile App

San Diego, CA – January 10, 2013 – Parents know how fond today’s children are of playing video games.  For one San Diego boy, however, designing and creating games is just as fun as playing them. 

 Sir Hoppity: Challenge of the Dragon is a charming side-scrolling adventure game designed and created by 8-year-old Benjamin Howard that features his cartoon creatures, treasures, and upgrades in a multiple-level magical world.  It released on the Apple and Amazon app stores this month.

“Sir Hoppity is a game where there is a bunny and he has a magical sword.  Only it’s not actually a sword.  It’s a carrot”, explained Benjamin, describing the cartoon hero of his game.  “And his enemies are mostly creatures, because you are a creature when you are playing the game.”

The game’s story involves an evil dragon who steals away a bunny princess, a theme well-known to video game players.  The goal is to hop and fight your way past enemies, traps, and puzzles as the hero Sir Hoppity and rescue the bunny princess.   As your player progresses towards the dragon’s volcano lair, levels increase in both size and difficulty.  Sir Hoppity: Challenge of the Dragon features a number of gems and crystal treasures, as well as magical items and upgrades throughout the game.  On-screen touch controls provide motion, jump, and sword slash input.  Items collected or purchased during gameplay can be used by tapping them.    

“I wanted the game to have three levels: a dark forest, a desert, and a volcano.   I wanted a desert with rolling sand dunes, and I picked a volcano because I thought dragons and volcanos go good together,” explained Benjamin.  “I also added shops were you can buy things like potions and magical sword upgrades.” 

Coded Velocity, Inc. is the small Southern California game studio that provided programming and art support to bring Benjamin’s game design to life.  Not surprisingly, Benjamin’s father, Kevin Howard, is one of the founders as well as the development lead at Coded Velocity. 

For our first mobile title, we opted to give my son full creative freedom to develop the story, characters, levels, and bosses,” explained Kevin.  “He is a huge fan of adventure games such as Zelda, Mega Man, and Swordigo.  You can pick out his influences immediately in the finished game.  The result is a fun, cute, and surprisingly challenging adventure game.” 

“I’ve worked in software for decades, and this has been the most rewarding project I’ve ever been a part of,” continued Kevin.  “I’m so proud of my son and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!”

Sir Hoppity: Challenge of the Dragon is available for iPhone and iPad on Apple iTunes, and also for Android phones and tablets on Amazon’s app store.   Windows 8, Windows Phone, and Mac versions are planned for release later this year.

Contact: Kevin Howard, Coded Velocity, Inc.

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